(Ephesians 3:20-21)
“Each one, reach one, teach one to reach one.”

1. New building for TBC Shibuya Campus
2. Parent and Children Center
1. 100 TBC believers a year will commit to being trained to share Christ by divine appointments.
2. 10,000 new believers in 12 years or by 2025 and 50,000 by 2050
3. Mission teams come from overseas to work with Tokyo Baptist Church in Japan, begin 2013
4. Multi-Site for church planting continues with 10 strategic locations in 15 years or by 2028
1. Small groups growing to 1,000 in 12 years or by 2025 and 5,000 by 2050
2. Biblical Discipleship Counseling Center established
3. TBC members receive basic training in Biblical Counseling according to Romans 15:14 and Galatians 6:1-2
1. All TBC believers and members serve in ministry
2. Organized prayer ministry established with a focus or prayer for VISION 2013 and unbelievers
3. Prayer partners established world-wide, with 10,000 prayer partners by 2018
1. Continues to bring praise to the Lord and attract unbelievers for opportunity for conversion
2. Gospel and contemporary music continues to be the TBC worship music

Presented to Tokyo Baptist Church
September 1 &2, 2012